Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Random Questions - 2

Its been a while I touched any blogs. Its not because I didn't have time but on par I am a bit lazy person. I am writing this as I had little time to think about something that boggled my mind. I always had these questions in my mind. I have already raised some questions in here. The next set of questions are numbered below.

1) What are we really searching in life..? If you say money, then to what extent..? (I know many people would say 'Not money' to be on a safer side). If not money, then what else we are running for and on what logic..?

2) Sometimes I'll try to adapt some unique style in handling things (almost everything was a flop though :P). May be the attitude of trying be different made me to do so. With all these things in mind, I got a question in mind that these phenomenon in me is a natural occurrence or am I being cinematic (I never wanted to be so either; at least may be not after my 12th grade)..?

3) We are trying to earn a lot to get fit into the so called high-class curve leaving our physical or/and mental rest behind. At the end of everyday, we are running behind money and gain a materialistic pleasure (I would definitely say not a perfect happiness, at least for me). With these things pondering in my mind, I would ask that what kind of civilized society we are living in..? Is it necessary to abide by these axioms..?

4) When almost all the religions expect us to follow the same discipline, nowhere I see a statement that tells us to grow up with technology. Then what are these technologies are upto..? Why aren't we not sticking to do only farming enough to satisfy the hunger..? (I know that I have complicated the relationship between religion and technology. Yet I see some relation between these as I wanted to mention here that our technology started from a philosophy (like, the invention of light (technology) is to prevent us to from the dark (philosophy))). I would say that everything has a limitation and without that life would be a disaster, in the way I hope technology has its own limitation too.

5) I am little confused to select between these tools; violence and non-violence. I am not a better revolutionist to take up violence to penalize the unfair, to take up non-violence I am not a Gandhian either. Should I follow one strictly (I see cascading effect in taking up the tool. Yes, again.)? If not, explain.

Next set of questions will be in my future posts.


  1. 1) We do have a need to earn money to sustain in this world.And most of us have a reason to sustain.At some point though it is true we forget what reason we started running for and just start focusing on materialistic things, may be because they are tangible and not as difficult to attain or as abstract as non materialistic goals.
    2)What do we know, even being cinematic could be a natural occurrence.
    3)The society in some way does put a pressure on us to abide by certain rules. But that is not as influential as one's own temptation or wish to live in a higher class manner.The happy few who can resist both the pressure and the desire are free men.
    4)Technology is in a way a side effect of our overwhelmingly active brains.All the what ifs and why nots just keeps giving us the thirst to do more.But the rate in which things are changing is quite alarming,and in a way we are testing the saturation point of nature with our quest for technology.
    5)Violence can end up as a double-edged sword, and can die down as quickly as it flares up.Non-violence has a more permanent impact in the minds of the people involved. I believe the latter can influence our society in a more positive and constructive way.

  2. 1)Right. Correct blend of materials in life will add sweetness to it.
    2)May be. I will write up a psychological story regarding that in my next post.
    3)I mentioned as axioms because they are fragile. And yes, we are living in a society that bends us for its own non-sacramental pleasure. Sometimes, it bends by itself for the wealthy.
    4) Rightly said.
    5)"Double-edged sword" - This word had its long way, still a right one. I don't think that one can adapt non-violence in all his way, not at least when you deal threat to your life.

    Thanks for all the answers.

  3. 1)i wish i could help all,i wish i run for it.
    life is the best gift given,people run not for wealth but indeed yes some are materialistic..i still wonder what they studied at their grades..
    they also prove studying is just mugging up and be answered..!!
    2)being natural knows not what they do whereas cinematic on the other hand knews anything about their actions..
    3)life is what we make it,there are people who run for money but still we have to accept that there is some who do service and lead a happiest yet a simple life..It is not the matter of being civilized but how we act towards our conscience..our actions are the results of our conscience..
    4)it is not that we sticked to technology,we could still live if it was not available..if i had to blame something i shall surely blame technology for being so complicated..we are strongly attached towards it,it is good if it has good results,but on the other hand if it causes serious problems-technology can't be blamed but only we..!!
    5)non-violence is the safest tool to hand with.people could always get over with problems concerning words,but never with eye for an eye,tooth for a tooth could never be worked out anymore-we have to make the best of what we live-enlighten everything around us..

    good luck !!-i wish i become a great writer someday :)

  4. @ Jeyapriya: Thanks for penning down your ideas here. My wishes for you to become the one you aspire to be.