Monday, December 13, 2010

My religion

Many of the readers might get puzzled up as how a secular person started writing about his religion and proud to name the post as My Religion. Before explaining about my religion I just want to explain something about the existing system by which every religion works.

I see the holy books or so called myths written, also compare it with the activities of people belong to the same religion. Huff arises whenever I see people going beyond what they are preached (now I can't even paraphrase it as preached, rather I should say it as originally preached) and doing what they really wanted. Yes, people really do what they need and change the holy book in the way they need. It happens often in most of the religion and they consider themselves to be in-state of the present world. I don't know how the truth mentioned in those books changes by time. Always, sin is a sin, truth is a truth. Also, they call people as oblivion who are really following the truth.

I don't believe the stories mentioned in those books but I believe that it should had been written with a story line to deliver a truth and I understand the purpose.

I also privileged to mention the origin of some of the religions here, so I can justify my explanation. Most of the things might be known to all of us but I wanna make sure all understands it before I go further.

Hindu is a name given by Muhammadian's when they first invaded to India. Since, invaders found difficulty in pronouncing Sindhu, they modified it as Hindu and they called people who lived eastern side of the Indus valley as Hindus who followed the Vedas written. Thus a religion called Hinduism has been introduced. Christian is a name introduced for the person who follows the principles of Jesus Christ, the name itself justifies the meaning; nothing more than that. Islam is a name derived from the Arabic archaic word Salema which means peace, love and tranquility. I believe that not only these prevalent religions has their origins formed by the basic principles but also all the 4200 religions so far introduced.

So, every religion, no matter what it is, ultimately preaches a person the basic things; Truth and Love. People violate and vitiate for their own benefit.

Perhaps, only a person who follows it, can belong to a particular religion. If he follows, he's gonna belong to every religion as he is following the basic principles of every religion. If he fails to follow, he's not gonna belong to any religion. Obviously, by this condition, a person can belong to one of the following two categories; a person who follows the basic principles, a person who doesn't follows the basic principles. People can have their own names for the former and latter categories but these are the categories. But here the transfer between the categories are possible when they turn out from being one to another by their behavior.

By this time, most of you might get irritated and can say "shut up and come to the conclusion". So, lemme conclude with this "There is only one religion; the religion of humanity".

I think I just altered the way of saying and introduced the novel way of saying "There is no religion at all".

For all, sorry to make this post a lengthy one but its necessity to make it so.
For religious fanatics, it might not be the post to feed you something aligned with your thoughts and sorry for wasting your time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Theory of Relativity

   I was reading an article in Wiki. I got struck up by the line "Albert Einstein was declared as the greatest soul of 20th century pushing behind M.K.Gandhi and Franklin D.Roosevelt to the second and third place". And it was a result published by American Times.

   I always accept Albert Einstein as a finest exotic scientist. He introduces us the theory to relate which also brings Black Holes to light. I'm not here to bore you out by explaining again about 10th standard "Theory of Relativity" as most of us know what it is. Rather I put my thoughts here to compare people on the grounds of what really matters.

   I really wondering on which grounds the recognition award was given.
   The things rolled up on my mind is that could be based on intellect.

   After a long thought process, finally I arrived at a conclusion that it couldn't be based on intellect as if it was based on intellect then runners up might be Curie family or Planck or Bohr or many other else who laid the foundation for the recent scientific developments.

   Rather intuitively said, it might be because of race factor, they would have reserved first place for their people dragging behind Gandhiji to the second place. Here people might think that I'm nationally biased. If you do so, you are obviously wrong.

   Let me jot down the reason for my statement before I get berated.
One cannot judge the person on the grounds of intellect because intellect is a private possession which differs from person to person. The same things counts for grading with reference to money or status because of other private temporary possessions. Also its insane to do so.

   I would like to compare persons in the terms of so trivial things; Love and Peace. Instillation of love and peace in people's mind is an ever difficult thing. A man with a small undergarment with a single weapon of non-violence for instilling love and peace in minds of people is the ever greatest achievement.

   I think most of you might have got my theory and scale. But, for people who think that I'm simply doodling, my Theory of Relativity peace out with the statement "Person with love is always greater than a person with private possessions".


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ஒற்றை ஆலமரமாய் . . !

தார்க்குவியல் போட்டு வெள்ள-அணை எடுப்பதுபோல் - தமிழ்மாந்தரை
தர்க்குரி ஆக்கிவிட்டு தம்மாந்தரை வெள்ளை நாடு கடத்தி விடுவர் ;

மாற்றான் தோட்டத்து மல்லிகைக்கும் மணமுன்டு என்பதை மறந்து
மாற்று மொழி கலப்படம் வேண்டா என்று போர்க்கொடி தூக்குவர் ;

வாழையடி வாழையாய் வந்த வம்சம் என்று மாருதட்டிக் கொண்டு - இப்பொழுது
வாழை மரத் தோட்டத்தில் ஒற்றை ஆலமரமாய் நிற்கின்றான் தமிழன்.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I’m missing it…!

Gimme love and care; Mom, I’m missing it;
Gimme scold and strength; Dad, I’m missing it;
Gimme silly fight and forgiveness; Sis, I’m missing it;
Gimme laugh and shoulder; Friends, I’m missing it;
Gimme hugs and kisses; Darling, I’m missing it;
Gimme culture and heritage; Ma-land, I’m missing it;
Missing all the best I had.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cultural difference (America vs India)

     As soon as I landed in this country, the first thing I noticed is the dignity in the rhapsody of people here. Never been noticed such dignity anywhere in my country as far customer service is concerned. The above statement doesn't mean that I bugging India or Indians. But when I am concerned about the generosity I grade up my homeland to be higher. This doesn't mean I am neither proud to be an Indian as every country has its own pros and cons. So, besides pride or any other positive and negative feeling for a country I'm writing this in points of aspects.

   As I believe love being the important factor that makes us termed as human being. I would say that bonding here is temporary rather being permanent. It might be confusing for many that what I term it as temporary. My terms here are a view over the mass and its my duty to mention here that there are exceptions everywhere. Everywhere I go I see most of the people's bondage in a relationship between the two here is like "chewing a sweet gum" whereas in India it was like "Daily-rice and dhal". I observed this while working in a shop here.

  As money being the next important thing where everybody aspires to acquire more, I see people here are less concerned about savings. The policy of taking insurance which waives any medical fees, a minimal work effort everyday brings the money that is needed for survival, a pretty good education costs less, 5-days work and 2-days enjoyment policy, easy transportation and many more things I can stack up to acquaint why people here saves less. I could say this way of life brings pleasure as they are less concerned about tomorrow. Whereas Indian family policy about money is exactly opposite to this as we are more concerned about tomorrow. I could say this way of living brings pleasure at times of regression. But in every geographical location there are money exceptions in both cases.

   As far as entertainment is concerned, the people here spends every last penny for entertainment. No matter how much it costs if it fits their entertainment interest. As Indians are more concerned about the savings, the entertainment arena gets a quite more money from masses but not from an individual. Cinema being the main entertainment for Indians and this is not the case here.

  Education - I believe, the best utilization of available resources by an individual gives real means of education. I cannot say education in India is poor, at the same time, as a child cannot gets educated by its own and thats where we depend upon schools, notebook education lacks practical applicability. But this is not the case here, every school teaches in a pragmatic manner and I find here is where India is losing the real potentials sometimes by grading talents only by the process of "mugging up and vomiting - exams".

   I believe that culture also depends upon the political setup. So, here I go some lines with politics. Every country has its own political flaws and it doesn't matter whether it is democratic or military-based or dictatorship or whatever but the range in flaw makes the difference. I believe the political system goes well only when it goes hand by hand with judiciary department. I'm not acquainted here to explain the setup of the government but the difference of two great democratic nations. So, I here go with an analogy between politics and judiciary; "America - Hand on hand with little gap between fingers, India - judiciary in political pocket".

   I think I made most of the terms here clearly and if anyone who couldn't understand any of the analogy here can ask in comments. And these are the major differences I found out and I might add postings regarding this when I get more stuffs on it in the future.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My friends

My two thought sharing friends.
They will often fight among themselves.
One is a lean guy and another guy with broad and flat front.
No matter how they look, I adore, purpose and execute them.
I'm not an euphemist; they really worth this fiction.
Let me introduce them.
World call them pen and paper.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

எனக்கு மதம் பிடிக்கும்

எனக்கு மதம் பிடிக்கும்.
எனக்கு மதமும் பிடிக்கும் அது எல்லை மீறும்பொழுது.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm tired of stopping superstitious acts

   I am really tired of superstitious acts that has been implemented on me these days. Nonetheless, my mom being a great believer of god usually impose some superstitious acts on me often. I sometimes accept those to keep my mom happy. Most of the times I would be reluctant at it as I do not wish to encourage such kind of irrational acts.

   I here give you my fellow buddies one of such act I recently came through. As usual my mom went to temple and fortunately she met a priest in that temple. She asked him as what kind of poojas she has to do to make my life flourish (My mom asked him as one astrologer told her that I will be with Raagu or Kethu for coming 10 months; I don't believe in those stuffs). She had been told some of the things to do to bring me to a refuge.

   The things that has been told to do was the most funniest I ever heard of and I hope you people will also laugh after reading it. Mixing up fried groundnuts with salt and making a goat to eat it alongside with some mantras sung; this has been the thing he asked my mom to do to make my life flourish. I really laughed at thinking of doing such irrational act. But my mom really wanted me to do it. I refused for the first time. She again insisted me to do it. I almost aroused with anger to shout at her. And finally I left it undone as I wish not to encourage such impractical superstitious acts; no matter how angry she was on me.

   I was happy that at every instant my mom proves that she will be always besides me in uplifting me to a greater side by trying her level best. At the same time, I wish her not to follow the preaching of anyone blindly and I always try to stop such acts but I end up as a loser. If I behave in such a way to keep my mom happy it might be not be the right way of non-violent revolution that I am doing these days and it loses its value.

   I always think of how to stop these kind of irrational preaching and to protect people from such priests as I wish that these things shouldn't be uprooted at any cost. But I finally ended up with conclusion not to stop the preachers rather this revolution needs people to think rationally. I will not stop at this. I need some other ideas from you to make this happen. Share your thoughts about this post and possibly ideas to make people think rationally. It would be great if I can change mind of at least one person by your ideas.

   Expecting comments from whoever read this post. Thanks in advance.

Friday, March 26, 2010

என் வினோதமான ஆசை

சிறு வயதிலிருந்தே...

  உன் பிஞ்சு நெற்றியில் முத்தமிட்டு ஆரத்ழுவிக்கொண்டே
       உன்னைக் கொஞ்சி பாசம்காட்ட - உன் தந்தையாக...

  உன்னிடம் எப்பொழுதும் சிணுங்கிக்கொண்டே
      சண்டையிட்டு நேசம் காட்ட - உன் அண்ணனாக...

  உனது சின்னச்சின்ன தவறுகளையும் ஏற்றுக்கொண்டு
      உன்னை உயிரினும் மேலாக பாவித்துக்கொள்ள - உன் அன்னையாக...

  உன்னுடன் சந்தொசங்களையும் துயரங்களையும் அனுபவித்துக்கொண்டு
      எந்நேரமும் உடனிறிந்து பார்த்துக்கொள்ள - உன் தோழியாக...

இவர் அனைவருமாக இருந்திருக்க ஆசைப்படுகிறேன் - ஆனால்
இதில் எதையும் நான் இழக்வில்லை இழக்கப்போவதுமில்லை


எனது வாழ்வாகியிருக்கும் உனக்கு நான் யாதுமாகி இருப்பேன்...

                                                                                        - மணமேடையில் காதலன்

Monday, March 8, 2010

I love this moment

I redress the past mistakes;
Yet I feel like enthusiastic child even after the long hurdles I passed through.
My mind says "Ahem, This is not permanent.!!" But my heart says" Its neither temporary.!!"
Not hassle-free but I don't care what they do as I'm happy now.
Yes. I live and love this very moment.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Local channel's mounting over Haiti incident

   I was sitting in one my relatives home. They browsed through the TV channels to watch. I was sitting with patience to watch whatever channel they play. Finally they struck with one local channel which plays shows only regarding religious enhancements. I was watching so curiously about the news delivered by one of the anchor in that channel. It was a news about the Haiti incident.

   All know about the big natural disaster happened in Haiti islands. But, some other perspective of the incident was playing. This makes me to watch it with more concentration. The anchor of the show (must be an evangelist) was nicely correlating the natural disaster with the religious issues. Here is what the news they exactly played. Please read it down for the news they displayed.

   "Since some years before the incident happened, the people of that country started not following the principles of Jesus Christ and because of that, the people became anti-christ. So, Haiti became a land of ghosts which leads to such disastrous earthquake making the people of the land to be in graveyard. Also, the entrance of the Congress office where the president of Haiti stood and declared the country to be a secular before a year has been destructed by the incident.

  I was wondering that how religious fanatics make such impingement over the natural incident in order to preach their religious principles and to spread their religion. These kind of news which spreads superstitious beliefs should be governed by the government and it should not be uprooted at any cost, no matter which religion it is. I believe that, when people become realizing the facts leaving behind the barbaric activities, the superstitious beliefs would be gone out of the minds of the people and rational thinking blossoms.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A lesson from my life

Even before you start reading this post you can predict that I am going to write a story here, as its trivial from the title itself. Indeed yes, I gonna tell you something which I learned from my past.

Let me start up the story straight away. It is an incident happened during my U.G.

"We have been taught some stuffs which are in relation with one of my core subject by the lecturer who will teach us regularly. During the evening session for the same subject, it was someone else who stood in front of the writing board of our class to govern us. She introduced us as she was our new staff appointed to that peculiar subject but we already know that she was only an active staff only for that period of time.

"She ordered us to study the thing that was taught to us in the morning and also
she whispered that she would ask us questions after some time. Although I knew the topic very well, I pretended to her like asking some doubts for passing time. Also it was the last hour of the day and we all were waiting to hear last bell to ring.

"She started asking questions one by one. Before she started asking, we requested her not to ask questions as we were not in the mood of answering questions, but, as usual, like other staffs she rejected our requests. All answered to their most extent possible.

"It was my turn, I have to answer the questions. She asked me a question from the topic which she explained me for my doubts. She also was sure that I knew the answers. As unfortunate to her, I have answered nothing. As a zest of youth, I simply wore a smile and kept my mouth shut. This action of mine provoked her anger. She again asked me to answer for it with a rigor tone adding "I know that you know the answer. So, answer me". Again I did the same.

"With all my actions, she detested me. She wanted to lob me out but she didn't.
As I did not drop my smile outta my face, she aroused with anger and shouted at me to stop laughing. I humbly replied "I am not laughing mam, I am just smiling". Meanwhile this conversation, the most awaited bell rang. At the end, we all left the room which includes her.

"On the next day, I came to know that she left the college. I was bit relaxed with some guiltiness. Relaxed, as there was no need to meet her again with shame face; Guilty, as I shouldn't have behaved like that.

I think, its not only my silence even after her spacial lecture especially made her aroused with anger but also my smile at the wrong time made her so. Besides my feelings of relaxation and guilty consciousness, I also learned that sometimes our smile may cause someone to get hurt. So, be aware of your gestures as well as your postures possibly at any situation.

I gave you this experience keeping behind some other similar experiences out of my college days because I want to explain it with some interesting stuffs and to remind you your college days in parallel (with some similar experience).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I wonder the irony


I touched electric lines, potential increased;
drunkard, stable still;
world seems to be quiet.
I stepped out earth;
reached MOON, its hot;
reached SUN, its cold;
reached BLACK HOLES, ohhh!!, melting and sparse too.
I wonder the irony.
Meanwhile, the voice of my dead grandpa saying
"The same feeling, when I started loving your grandma..!!!"


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Even though, it could be a long time after the release of such a film, I couldn't stop writing comments about the film. To be frank, I could hardly find time to write post in my blog as I was busy with my works for past 1 month.

To say the truth, it really amazed me when I saw it for the second time(because I watched it in a casual way with my friends for the first time without bothering it for the concepts behind the play...)

As soon as I started watching the play to observe what it actually tells, I recognized its core concept. The director of the film expressed the concept called "COINCIDENCE" in such a way that what makes each and every person to diversify in their path. I was really confused as how to explain that what people call as LUCK is merely a COINCIDENCE factor. Now I can show this movie as an example as how world exists through coincidence. I do not know on which grounds they selected this movie for OSCAR AWARD but I hope that these things made the film to get it.

Although A.R.Rahman received OSCAR AWARD for his music in that film, I believe that it is not his best music ever. He should have got it for his music right at the time of ROJA or at least in his later music releases. Moreover, this shows evaluation strategies for OSCARS.