Monday, February 22, 2010

Local channel's mounting over Haiti incident

   I was sitting in one my relatives home. They browsed through the TV channels to watch. I was sitting with patience to watch whatever channel they play. Finally they struck with one local channel which plays shows only regarding religious enhancements. I was watching so curiously about the news delivered by one of the anchor in that channel. It was a news about the Haiti incident.

   All know about the big natural disaster happened in Haiti islands. But, some other perspective of the incident was playing. This makes me to watch it with more concentration. The anchor of the show (must be an evangelist) was nicely correlating the natural disaster with the religious issues. Here is what the news they exactly played. Please read it down for the news they displayed.

   "Since some years before the incident happened, the people of that country started not following the principles of Jesus Christ and because of that, the people became anti-christ. So, Haiti became a land of ghosts which leads to such disastrous earthquake making the people of the land to be in graveyard. Also, the entrance of the Congress office where the president of Haiti stood and declared the country to be a secular before a year has been destructed by the incident.

  I was wondering that how religious fanatics make such impingement over the natural incident in order to preach their religious principles and to spread their religion. These kind of news which spreads superstitious beliefs should be governed by the government and it should not be uprooted at any cost, no matter which religion it is. I believe that, when people become realizing the facts leaving behind the barbaric activities, the superstitious beliefs would be gone out of the minds of the people and rational thinking blossoms.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A lesson from my life

Even before you start reading this post you can predict that I am going to write a story here, as its trivial from the title itself. Indeed yes, I gonna tell you something which I learned from my past.

Let me start up the story straight away. It is an incident happened during my U.G.

"We have been taught some stuffs which are in relation with one of my core subject by the lecturer who will teach us regularly. During the evening session for the same subject, it was someone else who stood in front of the writing board of our class to govern us. She introduced us as she was our new staff appointed to that peculiar subject but we already know that she was only an active staff only for that period of time.

"She ordered us to study the thing that was taught to us in the morning and also
she whispered that she would ask us questions after some time. Although I knew the topic very well, I pretended to her like asking some doubts for passing time. Also it was the last hour of the day and we all were waiting to hear last bell to ring.

"She started asking questions one by one. Before she started asking, we requested her not to ask questions as we were not in the mood of answering questions, but, as usual, like other staffs she rejected our requests. All answered to their most extent possible.

"It was my turn, I have to answer the questions. She asked me a question from the topic which she explained me for my doubts. She also was sure that I knew the answers. As unfortunate to her, I have answered nothing. As a zest of youth, I simply wore a smile and kept my mouth shut. This action of mine provoked her anger. She again asked me to answer for it with a rigor tone adding "I know that you know the answer. So, answer me". Again I did the same.

"With all my actions, she detested me. She wanted to lob me out but she didn't.
As I did not drop my smile outta my face, she aroused with anger and shouted at me to stop laughing. I humbly replied "I am not laughing mam, I am just smiling". Meanwhile this conversation, the most awaited bell rang. At the end, we all left the room which includes her.

"On the next day, I came to know that she left the college. I was bit relaxed with some guiltiness. Relaxed, as there was no need to meet her again with shame face; Guilty, as I shouldn't have behaved like that.

I think, its not only my silence even after her spacial lecture especially made her aroused with anger but also my smile at the wrong time made her so. Besides my feelings of relaxation and guilty consciousness, I also learned that sometimes our smile may cause someone to get hurt. So, be aware of your gestures as well as your postures possibly at any situation.

I gave you this experience keeping behind some other similar experiences out of my college days because I want to explain it with some interesting stuffs and to remind you your college days in parallel (with some similar experience).