Monday, December 13, 2010

My religion

Many of the readers might get puzzled up as how a secular person started writing about his religion and proud to name the post as My Religion. Before explaining about my religion I just want to explain something about the existing system by which every religion works.

I see the holy books or so called myths written, also compare it with the activities of people belong to the same religion. Huff arises whenever I see people going beyond what they are preached (now I can't even paraphrase it as preached, rather I should say it as originally preached) and doing what they really wanted. Yes, people really do what they need and change the holy book in the way they need. It happens often in most of the religion and they consider themselves to be in-state of the present world. I don't know how the truth mentioned in those books changes by time. Always, sin is a sin, truth is a truth. Also, they call people as oblivion who are really following the truth.

I don't believe the stories mentioned in those books but I believe that it should had been written with a story line to deliver a truth and I understand the purpose.

I also privileged to mention the origin of some of the religions here, so I can justify my explanation. Most of the things might be known to all of us but I wanna make sure all understands it before I go further.

Hindu is a name given by Muhammadian's when they first invaded to India. Since, invaders found difficulty in pronouncing Sindhu, they modified it as Hindu and they called people who lived eastern side of the Indus valley as Hindus who followed the Vedas written. Thus a religion called Hinduism has been introduced. Christian is a name introduced for the person who follows the principles of Jesus Christ, the name itself justifies the meaning; nothing more than that. Islam is a name derived from the Arabic archaic word Salema which means peace, love and tranquility. I believe that not only these prevalent religions has their origins formed by the basic principles but also all the 4200 religions so far introduced.

So, every religion, no matter what it is, ultimately preaches a person the basic things; Truth and Love. People violate and vitiate for their own benefit.

Perhaps, only a person who follows it, can belong to a particular religion. If he follows, he's gonna belong to every religion as he is following the basic principles of every religion. If he fails to follow, he's not gonna belong to any religion. Obviously, by this condition, a person can belong to one of the following two categories; a person who follows the basic principles, a person who doesn't follows the basic principles. People can have their own names for the former and latter categories but these are the categories. But here the transfer between the categories are possible when they turn out from being one to another by their behavior.

By this time, most of you might get irritated and can say "shut up and come to the conclusion". So, lemme conclude with this "There is only one religion; the religion of humanity".

I think I just altered the way of saying and introduced the novel way of saying "There is no religion at all".

For all, sorry to make this post a lengthy one but its necessity to make it so.
For religious fanatics, it might not be the post to feed you something aligned with your thoughts and sorry for wasting your time.