Saturday, April 24, 2010

எனக்கு மதம் பிடிக்கும்

எனக்கு மதம் பிடிக்கும்.
எனக்கு மதமும் பிடிக்கும் அது எல்லை மீறும்பொழுது.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm tired of stopping superstitious acts

   I am really tired of superstitious acts that has been implemented on me these days. Nonetheless, my mom being a great believer of god usually impose some superstitious acts on me often. I sometimes accept those to keep my mom happy. Most of the times I would be reluctant at it as I do not wish to encourage such kind of irrational acts.

   I here give you my fellow buddies one of such act I recently came through. As usual my mom went to temple and fortunately she met a priest in that temple. She asked him as what kind of poojas she has to do to make my life flourish (My mom asked him as one astrologer told her that I will be with Raagu or Kethu for coming 10 months; I don't believe in those stuffs). She had been told some of the things to do to bring me to a refuge.

   The things that has been told to do was the most funniest I ever heard of and I hope you people will also laugh after reading it. Mixing up fried groundnuts with salt and making a goat to eat it alongside with some mantras sung; this has been the thing he asked my mom to do to make my life flourish. I really laughed at thinking of doing such irrational act. But my mom really wanted me to do it. I refused for the first time. She again insisted me to do it. I almost aroused with anger to shout at her. And finally I left it undone as I wish not to encourage such impractical superstitious acts; no matter how angry she was on me.

   I was happy that at every instant my mom proves that she will be always besides me in uplifting me to a greater side by trying her level best. At the same time, I wish her not to follow the preaching of anyone blindly and I always try to stop such acts but I end up as a loser. If I behave in such a way to keep my mom happy it might be not be the right way of non-violent revolution that I am doing these days and it loses its value.

   I always think of how to stop these kind of irrational preaching and to protect people from such priests as I wish that these things shouldn't be uprooted at any cost. But I finally ended up with conclusion not to stop the preachers rather this revolution needs people to think rationally. I will not stop at this. I need some other ideas from you to make this happen. Share your thoughts about this post and possibly ideas to make people think rationally. It would be great if I can change mind of at least one person by your ideas.

   Expecting comments from whoever read this post. Thanks in advance.