Thursday, December 10, 2009

A fan to a begger


   Once I was travelling in bus standing upon the footsteps of the bus, I saw a man standing nearby me wearing a torn and ugly shirt and pant (actually he was looking like a begger). I felt his instant happiness  that he attained when he saw a romantic shot picture on a cinema poster pasted on the boundary fencing wall (as of I saw, he got rid of all his worries). Thats the minute, I became a very fan of him. Let me tell you the reason why. I realized that even a begger has his own feelings. Also (most importantly) I realized that, if a lonely begger can make him happy who has none to care about him, why can't my fellow people can keep them happy when there is a bunch of people to take care of?, why can't my fellow people understand that love is the ultimate thing for happiness, pleasure and ecstasy?
   Voluntarily kept this post short because many may feel disgusting to read such a lengthy posts like previous ones.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Love - being the favorite topic for most of all and I believe the existence of the world is because of the bonding by  this mysterious feeling among the people. And I'm damn sure that it is so true. But people are being so materialistic even in loving others. It provoked me to write this post.

   I'll say people are too materialistic as if they will love only their own belongings like THEIR parents, THEIR friends, THEIR relatives etc, as they possess 'THEIR' feeling in such relationship. If so how can one be lovable to such a stranger (the so called 'lover' or 'life partner'), those they live with for the rest of their lifetime (I can call them only strangers as we deal with only conscious mind of ours when we approach unknown persons for the first time).

   If someone can approach with such 'somebody', then he/she can do it with every stranger (At least not to hate even if they are not synchronous). So, I strongly believe that the essence of every relationship is love and only appearance differs; as people call them with different names. If you know Tamil, you can get my exact point because everyone prefers their mother tongue (even Mahatma encourages learning in ones mother tongue):
           " Uravugalin karu ondruthan (anbu), parimanam mattumae vevveraga thondri nirkiradhu "
                                                   (its my point of view)
   Whatever may be the reason, just LOVE people with all regards, disregarding some glimpse of false.
If everyone turns out to be a philanthropist, if the world feels the warmth of love, we are not even going to smell the death of the earth. Moreover it is a natural thing existing in everyone's heart where most of them don't even know whether they possess such qualities who are all named for their cruel nature but only kind to such 'THEIR' persons.

   So, lets LOVE people and not possessions.