Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I wonder the irony


I touched electric lines, potential increased;
drunkard, stable still;
world seems to be quiet.
I stepped out earth;
reached MOON, its hot;
reached SUN, its cold;
reached BLACK HOLES, ohhh!!, melting and sparse too.
I wonder the irony.
Meanwhile, the voice of my dead grandpa saying
"The same feeling, when I started loving your grandma..!!!"


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Even though, it could be a long time after the release of such a film, I couldn't stop writing comments about the film. To be frank, I could hardly find time to write post in my blog as I was busy with my works for past 1 month.

To say the truth, it really amazed me when I saw it for the second time(because I watched it in a casual way with my friends for the first time without bothering it for the concepts behind the play...)

As soon as I started watching the play to observe what it actually tells, I recognized its core concept. The director of the film expressed the concept called "COINCIDENCE" in such a way that what makes each and every person to diversify in their path. I was really confused as how to explain that what people call as LUCK is merely a COINCIDENCE factor. Now I can show this movie as an example as how world exists through coincidence. I do not know on which grounds they selected this movie for OSCAR AWARD but I hope that these things made the film to get it.

Although A.R.Rahman received OSCAR AWARD for his music in that film, I believe that it is not his best music ever. He should have got it for his music right at the time of ROJA or at least in his later music releases. Moreover, this shows evaluation strategies for OSCARS.