Saturday, March 3, 2012

Balance in economy - compared

I know I have not updated my blog since long time. I do not want to give out blunt reasons for it and the truth is I being little lazy (Can hear your voice saying "NOT LITTLE..!", I accept).

I have already pointed out my eye on the cultural difference in here. In addition to that I have to point out the extra difference I have felt. Yes, I felt a balance in economy in America when compared to India.
Economy being a decision maker about the life style of a person, I see a balance in economy which takes the people in here to the higher plate (at least to a certain level). Note that I am not making it as economic stability here as no economic policy remains stable over a long period of time unless the policy grows up with the current trend.

I can explain with an example here to make people understand with what I have happened to observe to make out my point. I would like to take a pleasure of comparing the salary of a Truck driver with the person who works in the Computer Software industry.

In India, on an average a truck driver would get a salary around 10,000 INR, while a software person would be getting around 35,000 INR (all these figures are on an average and in any way not concerned with their experience), the ratio being 2:7, which means a software person would roughly earn 3 times more than a truck driver. Let me consider the people works in these two different areas and lives in a metropolitan city like Chennai. A minimum of 10,000 INR is required to survive in such a city. If this is the case, the spending capacity of truck driver will be apparently low (almost null) and here comes the imbalance in economy where a certain group of people can live a luxury life while the other being dumped to the so called line-of-poverty.

In America, on an average a truck driver would be getting around 3000 USD, while a software person would be getting around 4000 USD (again on an average), the ratio being 3:4, though it makes a significant difference in the income, it doesn't affect the life style of the person in a great manner. Even if we consider the people who works in these two areas and lives in a city like Chicago, it doesn't make a lot difference as an average spending would be 1500 USD.

When the spending capacity of the people in a same area differs in vast, here arises the deviation between the people and there starts the segregation into groups/classes among the people and unity cum equality breaks.

I can hear many people say that America is a "DEVELOPED" and India is a "DEVELOPING" nation and I say that this difference arises because of my above stated problem (economic imbalance). These could have been many other reasons justifying this imbalance like corruption level, political system, caste-ism, blah, blah, blah. But I do not want to make any point with those escaping reasons.

People (even most of the educated people) may debate taking a point of educational level of the people justifying the imbalance, but I consider only being a human and everyone possess some quality of being  able to do different things which one person cannot do to it up to the other person's level.

While living in the economy centered world, I believe that the only way to bring equality is to exempt people from being economically unbalanced.