Thursday, April 28, 2011


   Yes, this is what the subject of the mail I got few minutes from my friend who happened to be an Indian. It was actually an article form the Indian daily newspaper "The Hindu".

   I cannot paste the whole content of the mail but I can brief you all about the content. As a nutshell "The Cricket World Cup celebrations are done at the expense of an average death of 46 farmers/day in India. The article didn't really pointed out only the World Cup winning celebrations but the pain of death the dangling farmers get behind the government which unequally treats the person with the Mercedes and the tractor. Yes, I got to know that the interest rate for the farmer to buy a tractor is 15 % which is more than double the rate of interest of a person who loans an amount from a government bank for buying a Mercedes (Well, no other example is required to show the inequality of the government policies)". If this is considered as a  discrimination based on capital, it is fair for our government to get penalized.

   The nub of the article is not emphasizing the avoidance of winning celebrations but to make people envisage when spending their money in the name of unnecessary parties, to enlighten the government which spends in gifting a flat and paying crores for the players.

   I am not writing this to start up a new revolution but I want people who run government to realize that we are being fed by indirectly killing a farmer or his whole family. The worst part of the death is getting deceased because of lack of food for the farmer himself.

   After all, all I can say is "let us celebrate the victory together but not at the extent of the death of another person who fed us by ploughing".

   At this point I remember a short phrase of a poem by the great poet Bharathiyar, "தனி ஒருவனுக்கு உணவு இல்லையெனில் ஜகத்தினை அழித்திடுவோம் (If there is no food for a single person, let us destroy the whole world)". This kind of revolution, I won't say it will happen, at the same time I won't say it will not happen.