Thursday, December 10, 2009

A fan to a begger


   Once I was travelling in bus standing upon the footsteps of the bus, I saw a man standing nearby me wearing a torn and ugly shirt and pant (actually he was looking like a begger). I felt his instant happiness  that he attained when he saw a romantic shot picture on a cinema poster pasted on the boundary fencing wall (as of I saw, he got rid of all his worries). Thats the minute, I became a very fan of him. Let me tell you the reason why. I realized that even a begger has his own feelings. Also (most importantly) I realized that, if a lonely begger can make him happy who has none to care about him, why can't my fellow people can keep them happy when there is a bunch of people to take care of?, why can't my fellow people understand that love is the ultimate thing for happiness, pleasure and ecstasy?
   Voluntarily kept this post short because many may feel disgusting to read such a lengthy posts like previous ones.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Love - being the favorite topic for most of all and I believe the existence of the world is because of the bonding by  this mysterious feeling among the people. And I'm damn sure that it is so true. But people are being so materialistic even in loving others. It provoked me to write this post.

   I'll say people are too materialistic as if they will love only their own belongings like THEIR parents, THEIR friends, THEIR relatives etc, as they possess 'THEIR' feeling in such relationship. If so how can one be lovable to such a stranger (the so called 'lover' or 'life partner'), those they live with for the rest of their lifetime (I can call them only strangers as we deal with only conscious mind of ours when we approach unknown persons for the first time).

   If someone can approach with such 'somebody', then he/she can do it with every stranger (At least not to hate even if they are not synchronous). So, I strongly believe that the essence of every relationship is love and only appearance differs; as people call them with different names. If you know Tamil, you can get my exact point because everyone prefers their mother tongue (even Mahatma encourages learning in ones mother tongue):
           " Uravugalin karu ondruthan (anbu), parimanam mattumae vevveraga thondri nirkiradhu "
                                                   (its my point of view)
   Whatever may be the reason, just LOVE people with all regards, disregarding some glimpse of false.
If everyone turns out to be a philanthropist, if the world feels the warmth of love, we are not even going to smell the death of the earth. Moreover it is a natural thing existing in everyone's heart where most of them don't even know whether they possess such qualities who are all named for their cruel nature but only kind to such 'THEIR' persons.

   So, lets LOVE people and not possessions.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Secret of Happiness - Take your own decision...

    Many people call our country as "a story telling country". So what? I believe strongly that a thought or opinion can clearly be expressed by relating it to the other through existing one or a story. By this time as you have judged, exactly I'm going to tell a story to attribute it with my topic.

Let me come to the story that most of you are anticipating. And finally I'll substantiate it with my points.

"A shopkeeper sent his son to learn about the secret of happiness from the wisest man in the world. The lad wandered through a desert for forty days, and finally came upon a high atop of a mountain to a castle where the wise man lived.

"On entering the main room, he saw a hive of activity: orchestra with soft music, table with platters of most delicious food etc which are rare for him. The wise man conversed with everyone and the boy had to wait for almost two hours for his turn.

"Here comes his turn and the wise man keenly listened to him. And the wise man got his point that why he had came to him. He asked the boy to return after two hours after looking around his palace. Meanwhile he asked the boy to carry a tea-spoon that held two drops of oil and also asked him not to allow the oil in the spoon getting spilled.

"The boy returned to the room where the wise man was after two hours, keeping his eyes fixed on the spoon, even while climbing and descending the many stairways of the palace.

"The wise man asked the boy, 'Well, did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that took master gardener ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful mountain serene beauty that lies just adjacent to the out steps at the backside of the palace?'

"The boy was really embarrassed and admitted that he had observed nothing. He confessed that he was only concerned about not to spill the oil as the wise man entrusted him. The wise man asked him to go back and observe the marvels that were in his world saying 'You cannot trust a man if you don't know his house'.

"The boy relieved and picked up the same spoon with oil drops to observe the palace. He enjoyed his exploration with sight of work arts in ceilings, gardens, mountains, flowers and almost everything in the palace. On his return to the wise man, he noticed that the oil in the spoon which the wise man entrusted was gone, after explaining his experience around the palace.

" 'Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you, The Secret of Happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget he drops of oil on the spoon.' "
By the way, story ended.
(Adjust me, even if you feel the story is quiet lengthy... The story in this post is actually, I read from one of the Paulo's book which hooked me up from sleep for a number of hours. So, I intended to share it with all.)

As of now, I think most of the spectators would have understood what I'm about to mention from the sayings of wisest of wise men in the story.


Yes. Some people looks only what they are about to do without enjoying the marvels of the world and some people only enjoys the beauty of the existing ones without concerning about what they are supposed to do.
Both does gives you only the partial happiness (sometimes sadness) without the either part. What gives the real happiness is the blend of (en)joy and purpose. The decision without the correct mixture will be a derision.

Now, take your own decision...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Technical Gallery ...

    As I graduated in a technical field I would like to post this one for the usefulness of the people in my field and the contents are purely technical.

    Let me give you a piece of technical research area among vast areas of computer and IT development. For this, presently I would like you to imagine about the memory capacities in chips (may be in the point of view of a RAM). For the technical people, it may look weird as I gonna explain it through basics that even people who know basics of physics can understand it.

    The memory is whole and sole dependent on the bits (0's and 1's or ON and OFF or UP and DOWN) that we mostly rely on. The memory starts from bits through nibbles, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes and so on (pardon me that I obviously don't know after this as we are using this much amount of memory at most in ubiquitous days). As we get along with this we surely gonna reach unimaginable amount of capacity to process. But the big problem is that "The size eventually increases or at the least remains as a small point due to the development of nanotechnology". Maybe our scientists go beyond nanotechnology and enter into the field of picotechnology (by raising the powers of 10 to minus 12). Whatever may be the size decrease at the least the small point to handle exists.

Can you imagine the vast memory even without the smallest point to handle?
Yes. It is possible by the quantum particles. To be specific, the memory can rely not even on the electrons but beyond that to the core "On the spin of the electrons".

    Hope all you know about the spin of electrons. Even if you do not know or forgotten, let me brief on that concept to make you realize. The electrons possess both clockwise and an anticlockwise spinning. If an electron spins in one direction, then the adjacent do it in other way. It makes a contrary and store another data after sometime when particles dislocate. If we can measure the direction of spin of the electrons, then obviously we can store data with that of spinning. A theory to mark the measure of spinning direction and an algorithm to govern it, makes it practical to store data. And the reverse process of spinning it in reverse direction makes data to be retrieved. Hope, this way makes to store data reduces the size even to the size of an atom.

    This is the recent study and research in the field in the name of "QUANTUM COMPUTING". I hope I've made my point clear and this will help the people who are really interested in this research area. And others please forgive me for wasting your time.

    I will add upon recent ones to this technical posting if I wouldn't be an oblivion even in the future. So, keep watching the posts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Festival meant for.....?

As it is the day to rejoice, I could remember to post my views on festivals, celebration and what festival actually means. Before I jot down my views, I wish a prosperous and (may be belated) happy Diwali to all the spectators.

Let me come to my point...


         A happy day with all the love you receive from family and friends along with the sweets, new dresses and off course the blasting crackers. Let me get you the obvious stuff out of the way. All have the same idea, why the festival has been celebrated by Hindus. The answer from the mouth of all is "the celebration of the day, Lord Krishna killed the Evildoer named Naragasura and people celebrated the day they freed from him by lighting deepas (lamps)". The believers of this concept please pay the attention to the following.

      Being a little atheist I have a different opinion about this. It is believed, by the Hindu Philosophy, that God lived in the world million years ago even before our great great grand parents lived. But unfortunately the human beings are from the evolutionary development of monkeys and the human existence is since last few centurions. This apparently shows that this is a constructive imagination from a source point. Ok, let me get you to the people's theory about the festival who are at different levels.

  • The day they can get extra money, so called bonus from their employer.
  • A break in their continued routine work, etc etc.
  • The day they can get a series of holidays from school/college.
  • Accumulate one more dress in the stack and that too new one.
  • Can watch out newly releasing films, etc etc.     
And I can add upon the queue but all should have been understood whats my point by this time. Yeah, my point is that, Whatever it may be the reason to celebrate it, you must make it a day to unite and share love with all, rightly wise man is the source point who created festival concept for the same purpose.

Not only Diwali but also other festivals meant for the same reason from some source. Let us thank the source and do what it meant for. Right? Got it?

As I'm Hindu by birth I could give you this example and I'm sure every religion have the same pattern. And I could give other example (regardless of religion as I'm secularist too) from my search and research so far. I may add upon points on festivals, so keep watching the post. Thank you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Existance Of Almighty (God)

I start with this topic. And this initiating credit goes to Mr.Thiruvalluvar (hopefully everybody knows him since he had written a book that applies to the world and to every person) because I'm going to contradict with the idea in which he started. I mean so called " GOD ". Here I have to mention the first poetry purposefully.

          " Agara mudhala ezhuthellam aathi bagavan mudhatrae ulagu "
                  (Pardon me that I couldn't write in his style)

If you believe that he is the one who governs the world and 'the rights and wrongs' of the world, then answer yourself my following questions:

- Why the so called almighty created us with differences in various aspects (because 'by birth all children are same' )?
- Why the hell he gives evil thinking to some persons, if he is the one having power to control all the things?
- Why only the evil doers get all the credits while the good ones begging upon them?
- If something has to be destroyed, its better that he should have not been created it?

So, I kept answering these questions and after 'searching and researching' and I could conclude it in the following way:

- If the almighty could do all the miracles that no living organism can, then we can take
  • the abundant power 'sun' as the one,
  • the elixir of life 'water' as the one,
  • Etc like this to be mentioned.....
- If the almighty is the shower of love, then we can take
  • every mother (because as everyone knows that there can unlimited fondness from their mother, no one   can condemn it) as the one,
  • the true love you received from the unknown (because no one can offer you anything without expecting in return in this materialistic world) as the one,
  • Etc to be mentioned.....
- If the almighty exists in every form, then
  • we can treat everyone/everything as him and can be kind with them/it (why the hell the spiritualists creating untouchability?)
  • why snake is beaten while peacock is not?
  • Etc to be mentioned.....
From all these conclusions I have made, I believe that the almighty exists in the form of 'love and life' and 'kindness and pity'.
Am I a spiritualist or a pantheist or an atheist?
I am still agnostic.
Whoever/whichever may be the almighty the purpose of the human is to love not the opposite...