Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cultural difference (America vs India)

     As soon as I landed in this country, the first thing I noticed is the dignity in the rhapsody of people here. Never been noticed such dignity anywhere in my country as far customer service is concerned. The above statement doesn't mean that I bugging India or Indians. But when I am concerned about the generosity I grade up my homeland to be higher. This doesn't mean I am neither proud to be an Indian as every country has its own pros and cons. So, besides pride or any other positive and negative feeling for a country I'm writing this in points of aspects.

   As I believe love being the important factor that makes us termed as human being. I would say that bonding here is temporary rather being permanent. It might be confusing for many that what I term it as temporary. My terms here are a view over the mass and its my duty to mention here that there are exceptions everywhere. Everywhere I go I see most of the people's bondage in a relationship between the two here is like "chewing a sweet gum" whereas in India it was like "Daily-rice and dhal". I observed this while working in a shop here.

  As money being the next important thing where everybody aspires to acquire more, I see people here are less concerned about savings. The policy of taking insurance which waives any medical fees, a minimal work effort everyday brings the money that is needed for survival, a pretty good education costs less, 5-days work and 2-days enjoyment policy, easy transportation and many more things I can stack up to acquaint why people here saves less. I could say this way of life brings pleasure as they are less concerned about tomorrow. Whereas Indian family policy about money is exactly opposite to this as we are more concerned about tomorrow. I could say this way of living brings pleasure at times of regression. But in every geographical location there are money exceptions in both cases.

   As far as entertainment is concerned, the people here spends every last penny for entertainment. No matter how much it costs if it fits their entertainment interest. As Indians are more concerned about the savings, the entertainment arena gets a quite more money from masses but not from an individual. Cinema being the main entertainment for Indians and this is not the case here.

  Education - I believe, the best utilization of available resources by an individual gives real means of education. I cannot say education in India is poor, at the same time, as a child cannot gets educated by its own and thats where we depend upon schools, notebook education lacks practical applicability. But this is not the case here, every school teaches in a pragmatic manner and I find here is where India is losing the real potentials sometimes by grading talents only by the process of "mugging up and vomiting - exams".

   I believe that culture also depends upon the political setup. So, here I go some lines with politics. Every country has its own political flaws and it doesn't matter whether it is democratic or military-based or dictatorship or whatever but the range in flaw makes the difference. I believe the political system goes well only when it goes hand by hand with judiciary department. I'm not acquainted here to explain the setup of the government but the difference of two great democratic nations. So, I here go with an analogy between politics and judiciary; "America - Hand on hand with little gap between fingers, India - judiciary in political pocket".

   I think I made most of the terms here clearly and if anyone who couldn't understand any of the analogy here can ask in comments. And these are the major differences I found out and I might add postings regarding this when I get more stuffs on it in the future.