Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Random Questions - 1

   Its been for long years, I think, write and discuss and finally left with no answers. Now I guess that I could get some more stuff on some of the questions I am left with. I just wanted to know what people think about these jotted questions.

1) Why people (including me) are being skimpy even when they can offer something which costs nothing to them..? Example: The kindness you can shower, the trust you can put on, the love you can give, the bliss you can make. Will these things affect when it surpasses the threshold considering the present world situation..?

2) Which you consider as a best governmental structure..? Democracy / Republic / Tyranny / Monarchy / Anarchy / Combination of above all. I guess the last choice would be a correct one, but left with no clues as how to implement. Any ideas..?

3) I consider pride as a negative feeling (at least neutral). It is also considered as a sin according to the holy books too. I am not proud of being a son (may be a good one) of good parents (of course, every one got good parents). I am not proud of being student with good grades (at least a decent grade). I am not proud of having been/ going to be a fervent employee (at least a bit fervent). I am not at all proud of being a citizen of a country with enormous resource and a good cultural heritage (I am a bit happy about it, not proud though). I am not all proud about being a person of one renowned religion (Not even a bit). I consider all these things happened as natural occurrences and for which I don't celebrate vanity. My question really is, am I lacking any phenomena so that I can be proud of something or am I going in the right way..?

4) Is 'hanging to death' a proper law enacted for the crime of  intentional murder..? If it is right, don't the accused person be given any further chance to get his mind right after a necessary period of correct penalization..? If it is not right, is there any assurance that even after imprisonment they won't commit such murders..? By putting these thoughts forward, I extend it to a step ahead resulting in asking "What could be the correct gauge to punish..?"

5) Should we follow any code of ethics that comes as a restriction to any kind of pleasure..? Or, can I live my life seeking for all the pleasure without limitations..? I don't want to be 'a man full of principles' or 'a pervert' either. (By the end of this reading many could say that one could be happy without questioning like this like a non-sense person :P But then, we know that there are at least some morals we should follow.)

   I know these kind of questions are full of boring stuffs, but then, I should not be the only person who is a  nonsense-thinking-maniac and I want to confuse all :P. Your kind suggestions with noble justifications are really appreciated. Thanks in advance..!


  1. When each one is struggling to make their life a successful one is a question mark?, according to them your questions should go to garbage.All know everything. If they do their duties to their homes correctly like spending time with wife/parents/children, everything will be in order. I think this will be enough to handle any situation thinking that at least "Charity begins at home." When there a trouble shooting occurs here itself, no one can be a good human being and you ask many questions above is a total waste. So,I request every one to build their homes first with love, care and understanding without ego and surely it will be reflected in the society. I feel very happy to share my views here.

  2. @ Jasper: You are right. Charity beings at home. Keeping the world clean should be the obvious necessity. I am raising these questions just because everyone are not up to setting everything right. Anyways, thanks for sharing your views here as a generalized answer. I appreciate it :)

  3. No 1: I dont think so.

    No 2: Democracy with knowledgeable people.

    No 3: You are absolutely in right path. In my opinion you will learn a lots of things that will help you to lead your life in a better way.

    No 4: Cant answer.

    No 5: I dont think we need to follow any code of ethics. but being a part of the society, we have to obey certain rules. or else you will be left with facing unwanted agony.

    all our actions will have a reaction. we should be fully aware of the reactions and be ready to face it if we take a particular path. thats all.

    but doing something which gives pain mentally or physically to other people is unaesthetic. in my opinion we should abstain from doing it. thats all.

  4. @ Bharathi: Thanks for your opinion. Its a bit relaxation for me as I got to know that I am heading in almost right direction. Thanks for it too.

  5. 1) Yes It will affect. Reason I think that happens is people dont do it with their complete will. Every act of any person depends on the situation they are in or the experiences they had undergone in life. It is unique for every person.It forces or influences them to do certain things which might not be always the right thing to do. But it will affect others, as this causes a sort of cascading effect. What we can do is very simple to say, but difficult to follow.Whatever situation we might be in, we should always understand how we should treat each individual around us.We can put extra effort to be more kind and loving than we should be, as we never know what the other person is undergoing. Might be hard for us sometimes, but we at least keep people around us happy. It gives a different kind of happiness, which can only be experienced. (This is just my take on this and opinions can differ, of course)

  6. 2) Agree with Bharati

    3) I dont think there will be any good out of pride. It kind of blindfolds any person, and lets them overlook important things. So, it is absolutely fine not to be proud about anything.

    4) Controlling a person's life/death, I feel, is not a power which can be taken by anyone. If a person has committed a crime, for which people think death sentence is the right thing, such punishments can be replaced with life time imprisonment. But prison environment should not just be a concentration camp kind, but should try to reform that person and his thoughts. The duty of prison is not just to punish him, but to change him for the better.

    5) There should be some code of ethics, but again this depends on the individual. This code cannot be determined for that person by anyone else.The individual must decide his own code of ethics depending on the environment he is in, the expectations from his closed ones and the society he mingles with and his own conscience. This code can never be generalized for everyone.At the end, it is our own judgement to decide what is right/wrong for us.Because many a times, people might not even know if we do a supposedly wrong thing. It is our integrity which stands for us till the end, and we should be whom who can decide that.

  7. @ Shirley: Experiences in life accumulates and results in a cascading effect. I understand. Still, I don't think love comes with effort but I think it comes at the least by understanding. Thanks for your valuable comment though.