Monday, September 12, 2011

This is the way of life

I was watching a debate program about the most omnipresent discomfort state of mind in everyone "Stress". Apart from most of the non-sense marketed methodologies people now following to get rid of it (I do not want to mention those as I do not want to harm them as I am totally against those quack methodologies), I saw a special mark in the course of the program towards the end and I really wanted to share that with all of my fellow bloggers and visitors. May be I am sharing this just because of the point I noted is what I call "This is the way of life" and which I follow.

We can just ignore discussing the topic when it doesn't possess any aftereffect. But usually this is not the case in reality. Say, for an instance, if a person is stressed out in his office, he/she brings it back to home or if he/she is stressed out in his home, he/she brings it to office and aftereffects happen, which sometimes (Ahem ahem, most of the times) has its devastating effect. I call it as not the way of life. My ideologies here may differ from most of the spectators here as I usually do not follow what I have paraphrased during the start of this paragraph.

Technically speaking, people are quoted to be in stress when they are question marked (either by themselves (mind voice and yes..!) or by a peer) about their ability to complete a task. Let the task be a personal or a professional one.

Whatever the task be, getting into core of the problem and standing a bit away to view it in a global stand point to get an idea of the solution makes the difference of "being-in-stress" and "out-of-stress".

At the same time I do not say that a common man can be without stress at all but I wanted share my idea to reduce it. 

I also believe that these statements will be a trash until a person walks through it and practice it. I usually write a lot when I am writing a philosophical note but I hope I kept it quite short as the solution which I have/follow is simple and straight forward.


  1. Stress irukku ellorukkum.Anal athai naam num vagaiyil eppadi deal pannugirom enath therinthu kolvathu nallathu.Vazhkkaiyil comparison kooda stress vilaivikkum. Udal sarntha noigal kooda stress vilaivikkum.Nalla ennangal, piraridam kuraigalaiyai edai podum manathu illamai, oruvaral pathikkap pattu irunthalum thirumba avargalidam pesumbothu clean slate aga kallamillamal poi pesuvathu, pothum enra manam anal atherkaga sombith thiriyamal theneekalaip pol uzhaippu,positive thoughts, ethirparpugal illatha love, compassion,ethaiyum perithu paduthi pesum ennam illamai ponravai udalaiyum, manathaiyum pathukakkum.

  2. @ Jasper: You are right. There could be many more activities/actions that might reduce stress. I have mentioned it in totality and given a general idea to get rid of it. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  3. "Enakku vazhkkaiyil vizhuntha adigalukku physically, financially and emotionally /naan eppadi meendum pizhaithu phoenix paravai pol jeithaen enbatherkku naan follow panniathai mattumae ezhuthinaen. Let you all follow and come up with flying colors as Indian citizens.

  4. Ha ha.. It is always been in my mind to follow what you have written and I always try to be so. Thanks for your suggestions again.

  5. actually i missed the prgm...but got the chance to watch when it was retelecasted.really a good topic to discuss....from my view the first thing i would say stress is increasing now a dys due to comparision..ppl wont get satisfied what they are havin now...for each and evry thing thay start comapring with their relatives or friends or collegues or others..eventhough its not needed for them if others are having it then sure he/she has to get it...the UNWANTED desires of ppl are keep on increasing increasing....

    The second thing many of us are not prioritizing our work as well not scheduling de time properly which will end up with not complete de activities on time and leads to stress..

    sometimes a little amt of stress is also needed, i would say. so that it ll drive us to achivement or completness..we have to control the stress not to be under the control of the stress...
    Ve to manage ourselves..and manage the stress tooo..

  6. @Suganya: You are right.. In some manner I feel that comparison is one of the disease a human being develops itself.

    I can't appeal that a wrong prioritization will end up in chaos as it again depends on the individual. But I agree it to some extent.

    We won't call something is stressing when we accept with our own will and so as the work towards achievement.

    Thanks for your comments.